Royal Oak, MI. “There is no true evangelization if the name, the teaching, the life, the promises, the kingdom and the mystery of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God are not proclaimed.”
– Evangelii Nuntiandi, para. 22.

Along with good spiritual preparation such as Holy Mass, Rosary, prayer, and confession, evangelists who keep Pope St. Paul VI’s exhortation in mind when they are out evangelizing tend to be disciple makers.


The following report comes from evangelist Anne with the Royal Oak team:

Carmella and her teen daughter saw our rosaries and we began conversing. It seems that Carmella and her husband are divorced and the girl goes between the two homes. Although they wore crucifixes, Carmella began to cry when asked about a parish. She attended the Spanish Mass at a local church but felt disconnected as she was busy working and also felt alienated from the community because she was divorced. She was reminded of God’s great love for her and that she is God’s pearl of great price! (Matt.13:45-46). She was encouraged to connect and find a true spiritual home. I mentioned how many families hide home situations so they’re not ostracized, and that everyone is dealing with something. She was encouraged to see a priest for confession and both Carmella and her daughter were pleased to be prayed for. We recited the Hail Mary slowly and prayerfully, and it seemed to be a bonding and emotional experience.

Susan and her eight-year-old daughter were sipping some drinks and wearing lovely summer dresses. They shared that they were home schooling but that dad had anger issues, so they there were getting away from him for a break. His explosive anger scared them, and I inquired about their safety. They shared their home school Bible lessons (they were not currently churchgoers but were baptized) and accepted prayer, a rosary, and a pamphlet on how to pray the rosary. We spoke of the truth and beauty of the Catholic church and Susan was encouraged to contact our evangelist with any questions. We concluded with us all reciting the Lord’s prayer. What a great witness in this busy downtown area!

Praised be Jesus Christ! These women and their daughters were given hope in their personal struggles. May God assist all who struggle with broken or challenging relationships, and may they know that Our Lady is with them every step of the way as a tender mother ready to help.