Gaithersburg, MD. Although we can’t see it, the Holy Spirit is constantly moving. The evidence is definitely clear when we see such great responses to our teams on the street. The story today shows many people visiting our evangelists, asking questions, and showing interest in Jesus and the Catholic faith.


The following report comes to us from evangelist Nancy and our Gaithersburg, MD team:


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When Deacon Mike and I went out last Wednesday, we could feel the Spirit moving in interactions that we had with the various people we encountered. People were coming to us and asking questions. Maybe it is the various Christmas decorations that are now being displayed in parking lots and grocery stores that people are sensing something special will be happening soon. However, some people may be dreading the holidays and hoping they will be over soon. In any event, people are hungry to hear the truth as they were approaching us. They are attracted to truth, goodness and beauty and the Catholic faith contains all three. Many nondenominational people and Protestants come to us and ask for rosaries. I know it is Mary interceding for them and drawing them to her Son. I believe as we share with them that they have a Mother who wants to guide and care for them that it is a comfort knowing they are not alone. This was the case for many people we met, in particular for Dave, Barbara, Simon, Michael and Nicole. Please pray for them that as Deacon Mike and I shared our stories with them and our love for the Eucharist, that God would draw them to Himself. Please also pray for Ashwen, a Muslim, who is opening to hearing about the Catholic faith and took information, that God would reveal the fullness of truth to Him.

Praised be Jesus Christ! May Mary and the Holy Spirit continue to guide this and all of our SPSE chapters that they would bear much fruit for God’s kingdom and bring glory to God. May Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, be praised, worship and adored.