Gaithersburg, MD. What does one do at a bus stop? Wait. During Advent, this season of patient waiting for the coming of our Savior, it’s moments like these that are often ideal to speak to people about Jesus. Those waiting for the bus often have nothing else to do but look at their smartphones, and can be ideal candidates to be evangelized.


The following report comes to us from evangelist Nancy and our team in Gaithersburg, MD:

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A woman from the Congo approached Deacon Mike and I Wednesday when we first arrived at the Bus Stop straight away and was so amazed that we were Catholic since she had been looking for a Catholic Church after recently moving here. It was a joy to see how enthusiastic she was about her faith and to receive information about all the Catholic Churches in the area and the Miraculous Medal and rosary.

We were then approached by Edith asking for prayers for her elderly father who has pneumonia. Please pray for his healing. Deacon Mike also prayed with three women who approached him who had Protestant backgrounds and were very much interested in why we were out there. He was able to share with them the beauty of our Catholic faith and give them information. Please pray for Rosemary, Josephine and Gladys that they would be open to the fullness of the truth. Please also pray for Solomon, Jason and Liz who I shared the gospel with and received information that God would draw them to Himself.

The last encounter was with a young man who listened very attentively as I was sharing my witness. I asked him if he had been baptized into any particular faith and he said “No.” His father is Muslim and his mother Christian and they were leaving it up to him if he wanted to baptized or not. I was able to offer him the beautiful pamphlets on Baptism, the Good News, The Eucharist and Why Be Catholic. He felt that this was providential as he was looking for more direction in his life. As his bus pulled up, he gave me a hug and parted with a smile on his face. It is such a joy to bring glad tidings to people and to see how the Spirit leads. May God continue to bless our little chapter, that it would bear much fruit for his kingdom and that Our Lady would continue to guide us.

Praised be Jesus Christ! We’re all waiting for something in our lives. Whether it’s a bus, a raise or promotion, finding a spouse, etc…but the only thing we really need to wait on is the coming of our Savior. The rest will come in God’s good time.