Manhattan, KS. The team in today’s story (currently our only team in Kansas) hit the streets for their first outing! Let’s hope this is the first of many evangelization efforts that will reach myriads of Kansans with the truth and love of Jesus and His Church.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Bill with our team in Manhattan, KS:

It was wonderful to get out on our first SPSE adventure! We went to the weekly farmer’s market (one of the oldest markets in Kansas!) on Saturday in a parking lot next to the Mall at 3rd and Leavenworth. They sell fresh produce, artisan crafts, homegrown meat, eggs & poultry, plus fresh flowers and herbs. I’ll bet some of these vendors have been coming here for years. It’s my hope that our first outing is the beginning of a regular appearance, so one day we’ll be a veteran presence at the farmers market.

Normally for the winter, the participants set up in a building on the other side of town. Due to COVID, they’re at their outdoor location year-round. Perhaps February was too early to peddle fruits and vegetables. We had just exited a deep freeze of -18 degrees on Monday, so temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s seemed wonderful. Unfortunately, the market was at best 1/4 of its normal size, so foot traffic was sparse. No one stopped by to talk, but we had a LOT of looks & people I could see reading the SPSE sign. We’ll be getting back out there for our second outing on Sat., March 13th and hope for more interaction. Please pray for us!

Praised be Jesus Christ!