Chicago, IL.

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This report comes to us from evangelist Roberta in Chicago, IL:

I live in a nursing home and a new nurse’s assistant visited one night when I pressed the call button for help. Her name was Melinda and she is friendly, caring, and easy to talk to. Usually the staff don’t stay in my room longer than 2 min. since they are very busy and have plenty of patients waiting for assistance. But Melinda was different. She stayed and talked with me for 20 minutes! We became friends immediately and I shared my testimony with her when I told her about my illness.

Over the next few weeks, she came to my room and we had wonderful conversations. I found out that her dad was Catholic and her mom was another Christian denomination. She had a basic belief in Catholic theology, but it wasn’t in-depth. Then I told her that I was Catholic and that my entire family was too. She was pleasantly surprised to hear that. I have a collage that I made of gifts, cards, and letters that loved ones have sent to me and on this collage, I also have a rosary, a palm from Palm Sunday, the Divine Mercy image, prayer cards, and pictures of saints. I pointed my collage out to Melinda and the Catholic items on it. She asked what the palm was for and its meaning. I told her the gospel that we usually read on Palm Sundays, but felt like I didn’t explain it well. So after that conversation, I immediately searched the Bible where I could guide Melinda to understand the meaning of palms during Jesus’ time. I wrote down a few Bible verses of where she could read it for herself and I gave it to her on a little note the next time I saw her. She was grateful and said that she’d look it up on her Bible app on her phone. I pray that Melinda will grow closer to God and become Catholic.

Praised be Jesus Christ!