Owego, NY

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Joe in Owego, NY:

Last June 18th Owego, NY had their 40th Strawberry Festival. Fr. Galens gave us permission to set up an outreach table in the name of St Patrick’s church. We were supplied with sacramentals and information from SPSE. We had rosaries, prayer cards, medals, Catholic tracts, and offered “FREE PRAYER”. We had many awesome volunteers. Mike and his army of boys helped with setup and teardown. (I loved watching his son, little John Paul, carrying chairs as big as himself.) Julia, Katie, Barb, and Sharon helped to reach out to people who stopped by the table during the day. Harv supplied us with beautiful hand-made rosaries to give out. Many people stopped by. All our volunteers were very courteous and bravely shared their faith and prayers with the visitors. We gave out over 75 rosaries over the day, and received many comments saying how beautiful the rosaries were. We also gave out St. Patrick medals, Miraculous Medals, crosses, St. Michael Archangel medals, holy cards, pamphlets on God’s love and how to say the rosary, and other items. Fr. Lewis came by and spent about a half hour with us. Many people stopped by for a selfie with “Pope Francis”, including Spiderman! I was so impressed with how natural our parishioners were with reaching out to people on the street. I was proud to see our Catholics taking their faith to the streets as Pope Francis is asking us to. Please pray for the intentions of the people who stopped by and asked for prayer.

Praised be Jesus Christ!