Ann Arbor, MI

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This recap comes from team leader Joe with our University of Michigan team in Ann Arbor, MI:

A huge thank you to everyone who helped out with the Marian Booth at the Ann Arbor Art Fair! Here are a few highlights:

We distributed approximately 1,100 rosaries, 300 miraculous medals, and 300 Penny Catechisms. We had to start rationing the medals and catechisms halfway through the fair since they were going so fast.
We collected five pages of names for our prayer list. In your charity, please pray for these people, and all those who stopped by the booth over the course of the three days.

The St. Paul Street Ensemble sang sacred music at the booth, at Nickels Arcade, and the West Hall Engineering Arch. Many passersby stopped and listened as we sang Ave Maria, Miserere, and several other traditional hymns.
One particularly memorable encounter: Just as we were closing down the booth on Saturday, a young couple from Toledo approached and took rosaries and our last Penny Catechisms. They were lapsed Catholics, and when we invited them back to Confession and Mass the man said he had “goosebumps” and longed for the feeling of being freed from sin. He scanned the QR code for Mass times and we told him about St. Joseph Church in Toledo. They both seemed genuinely interested and said they planned to attend. Praise God!

None of this would be possible without our dedicated volunteers, so thank you once again! Please be in touch if you’re interested in continuing to evangelize throughout the year. We have an Ann Arbor team that has been handing out rosaries at the Farmers Market fairly regularly on Saturday mornings and could always use more people. As we saw this past week, “the harvest is abundant” indeed! We just need the laborers, so please prayerfully consider getting involved in SPSE’s mission of working with God for the salvation of souls.