Crystal, MN

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This report comes from team leader Sharon with our St. Raphael Parish team in Crystal, MN:

The road and sidewalk in front of the church are both being repaired. We were undeterred and set up anyway despite expecting a lower turnout.
A man with a child in Pre-K at our parish school was waiting for a bus and asked for prayers for his back. Emmanuel asked for prayers for obedience. (Not knowing the circumstance, we think it is likely for obedience to follow God’s will. We can all use this type of obedience.)

A mother and daughter walked by—the daughter said she already had a Miraculous Medal she previously received at one of our Free Food, Friendship and Faith nights.
As we were packing up, Robert drove up and asked for general prayers. Evangelist Cathy had just wandered down to our brochure table and was able to hand him the “My Daily Prayer” Pamphlet.
Though the turnout was small, we hope we touched the hearts of the people we spoke with.

Praised be Jesus Christ!