Warren, MI

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This report is a continuation of yesterday’s story from John and Lexa with our National SPSE team:

We crossed direct paths with a woman and immediately noticed the large print on her shirt that read, “How Can I Pray For You?” Astonished by the timing, we stopped her and commented on the shirt. The interaction was very positive. We told her about the two women we just finished praying with and she was very excited for us. The woman then prayed for our evangelization efforts and our church. And we prayed for her and her church.

A few moments after praying with this third woman, we encountered a fourth woman at the self-checkout next to us. John initiated the conversation by commenting on her Beatles T-shirt and she was more than open to continuing a friendly conversation. As we ended our checkout, we asked if she needed prayer for anything and she wanted prayer of physical healing for her son at home. We prayed with her on the spot. After praying, we asked what church she attended and she said that she was Catholic, but stopped attending Mass because God lives and remains with her in her heart. We offered her a crucifix and she was in shock, “You’re giving this to me? It’s so nice!” Upon hearing that she planned to walk home with her groceries at the age of 70, we offered her a ride home and continued talking about faith. We also helped her carry the groceries up the stairs to her apartment. She shared that she had been praying to God to meet nice people because she felt that nice people were so hard to come by. She was extremely touched that we would take the time to talk with her, give her the crucifix, and help her get the groceries home. By the end of the encounter, she was excited to join us for Mass on Sunday and she asked for our contact information to follow up on getting a ride to Mass.

Praised be Jesus Christ!