Somerville, NJ
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The following report comes to us from team leader Alpa with our Immaculate Conception parish team in Somerville, NJ:

We spoke to many people as the remnants of Hurricane Ian passed over us. We had many brief interactions with pedestrians who took a Miraculous Medal or rosary. We also had several more in-depth conversations.
Our first encounter was with a young woman who was interested in the Catholic Church. She said she was confused about the Mass, when to sit, when to stand, and what responses to say. Although she was running late, she did give us her phone number to touch base with her afterward and said she would welcome a call from us.

Next, we spoke to two young men who were recently released from prison who were interested in walking with the Lord. They both took rosaries and booklets on how to pray the rosary. One of them said he was sure he had a relationship with the Lord because of his grandmother. We prayed over both men, who asked for prayers for their families and they were very grateful for our conversation and asked when we’d be on Main Street again.
A young man who was on a break from working at one of the stores on main street stopped to talk with us. He said he was a born-again Christian and when we asked him if he ever thought about being Catholic, he said he was open to learning about Catholicism. He took a rosary and a brochure and was grateful for the interaction.

Thank the Lord for letting us have these conversations and humbly ask for the hearts of these people to be opened to the Holy Spirit.

Praised be Jesus Christ!