Detroit, MI
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This report comes to us from Lexa with our National SPSE team:

Anne, John, and I went to the St. Christine Soup Kitchen in Detroit. We set up an SPSE table, handed out rosaries, and talked with different people. Anne and John visit regularly, so the people are familiar with them, but it was my first time there. One lady came right up to our table, “Oh, you know I’m stopping here!” and she was waiting to talk with John who was wrapping up another conversation. So I turned to her and said, “What’s your name…Nice to meet you.” That’s all I said to start the conversation! She was quick to open up and let me know things she was struggling with. I listened, I nodded, I helped her with her shoe. After listening and befriending this woman, John helped me direct the conversation back to faith. Since they met before, he was able to remind her to ask God for help and he directed her to ask me for prayer before she leaves the soup kitchen. I move to a dinner table to meet more people. After a while, the woman returns to me. She was excited to share more of her life and before she left, I invited her to pray. As an evangelist in training, I usually shadow John for conversations and prayer. But this time, somebody was clearly placed in my path and I was open to the opportunity. I offered to hold her hand for the prayer & she took both of my hands. I remembered lots of details she shared with me and incorporated them into our short prayer, so that she would feel heard and cared for. Then I directed the details to God in either thanksgiving or petition. Darlene was very quiet and peaceful for the prayer. She left with a smile and took home a rosary in her favorite colors, gray and blue.

Praised be Jesus Christ!