Warren, MI
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This report comes to us from John and Lexa with our National SPSE team in Warren, MI:

In the car, we prayed for inspiration from the Holy Spirit and asked God for miraculous healings for the sake of our project on healing prayer. John encouraged me that God likes to show healings to beginner-evangelists because it blesses their efforts & He likes to see that we are trying. After many outings shadowing him, he felt that I would be ready to lead a prayer, even if it were for a big physical issue that needed healing. John felt that maybe we would run into a woman with skin or back issues. I thought maybe knee pain or something to do with someone’s legs. We discussed inspirations of the Holy Spirit vs. things that just pop in our heads & determined that the legs idea was lower on a scale of confidence in the prompting (that it was maybe 2 out of 10 in pulling on our hearts, but still worth bringing up). Throughout our shopping, we ran into many Walmart employees and other shoppers. We offered prayer, but faced a lot of rejection. They were all polite. “No thank you” “I’m all set, thanks” “God bless you too”, but nobody was open to prayer in the moment.

Nearing the end of our trip, I was focused on looking for something in the shelves & John motioned for my attention. He pointed out a woman who clearly walked with difficulty. Her legs were turned inward and she seemed to be leaning on the cart for extra support. In determining whether to approach her, we lost sight of her and continued shopping. She crossed our path directly and went into the women’s clothing area. It felt awkward to follow her there, so we chickened-out. Then, we talked about it and decided to circle back. She was gone again. This time we tried to find her. We walked past both sides of the women section of Walmart, looking down each aisle as we passed. In my head, I asked Saint Anthony for help finding her. Then, I pointed out that she was at the self-checkout kiosk. We quickly checked out and paid for the groceries, then met her by the exit. John said, “Hey! Do you have any problems with your knees?” and she said yes. She seemed skeptical, but she did smile. He continued, “I noticed your legs looked like they were turning inward while you walked and I have a very similar issue. Are you in any pain? Do you need surgery?” and she explained that she wasn’t in any pain, she’s lived with this her whole life, she doesn’t want any surgery, but the doctors are recommending surgery for her daughter for a similar issue & she didn’t want her daughter to have surgery either. We listened to her brief explanation, but she seemed in a rush to exit so we offered prayer & kept it very short. John directed me to lead the prayer for healing, especially that the arches in her feet would be restored and that she would never need surgery. We would’ve loved to continue the conversation, extend the prayer, offer free items and further encouragement, but she was in a hurry. The short prayer was well-received. She smiled and said thank you. She didn’t feel any different physically, but she may miraculously heal later on.

Praised be Jesus Christ!