Crystal, MN

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The following report comes to us from team leader Sharon with our St. Raphael parish team in Crystal, MN:

One visitor who stopped by our recent Drive-Thru Prayer event was having various life challenges. It seems he lost his cell phone recently and was on a quest to find it. As we explained a little about how we serve to meet people’s needs in prayer, he confided he felt he didn’t need Church, because he was “in Church” all the time. He also confided that he’d had some real challenges in his youth, which resulted in same-sex attraction issues. It was obvious that he was deeply troubled about this, and about the only thing we thought to recommend was the Catholic apostolate “Courage International”, which serves to help those men and women, find their next step forward with Christ Jesus, in this most difficult challenge. We also let him know we’d be back again next month, if he’d like more prayer, or any other assistance we could provide.

Praised be Jesus Christ!