Somerville, NJ

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The following report comes to us from team leader Alpa with our Immaculate Conception parish team in Somerville, NJ:

Three young boys wanted to get a rosary, but their father was reluctant. We said that we can only give it to them if their dad agreed, so after getting the father’s permission, they each took one and we spoke to them about how to pray the rosary and told them if they get stuck, just to say “Jesus, I love you. Mother Mary, I love you.” The father watched from a distance and listened but did not really want to engage with us. He did say thank you as they left. Next we spoke to a man who asked for prayers for a better relationship with his mother, who lived in Cuba.

Later we met a large family consisting of a teenager, a baby and three adults who were Baptists. They took rosaries and medals and were very receptive to hearing about Mary. Next we had a mom stop by with two young sons. She was reluctant to talk with us, but encouraged her sons, who both took rosaries. When asked how we can pray for them, again, the mom was reluctant, but one of the little boys asked for prayers since he was running for class president. The mom was very enthusiastic after praying together. After that, we spoke to a man from Pennsylvania. He was Catholic and lived near a shrine that he really enjoys. He goes to Holy Mass occasionally but was hesitant to go to confession. We spoke with him about why we go to confession regularly and he smiled sheepishly. He and his son both took Miraculous Medals.

A rather touching moment occurred when a woman who passed us doubled back. She grabbed my hand and very sincerely and movingly thanked us for doing God’s work. Finally, we spoke to a man whose mother was Catholic and whose father was not religious. He wasn’t brought up with any religion and was interested in finding out more about Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. Although he didn’t want to share his contact information, we gave him ours and asked that he contact us to talk more.

Praised be Jesus Christ!