Warren, MI

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This report comes to us from Lexa evangelizing at Walmart in Warren, MI:

The first man we encountered was Carl, a Protestant pastor. John asked, “Are you blessed today?” and Carl said “yes!” We launched into a conversation about the love of the Father, desiring peace between denominations, and holding ourselves to a higher standard in regards to sin. We ended the fruitful conversation by praying for each other! Carl was interested in John’s parish, took down the information, and said that he was interested to check it out sometime.

At the Walmart self-checkout, John asked the attendant, “How are you blessed today?” and she felt blessed just to wake up and have another chance at life. She had retired twice, but was working at Walmart to keep busy. She knew Jesus and was happy to receive a brief prayer from us before returning her attention back to work. We prayed for her upcoming surgery.

At the Walmart customer service desk, we encountered a man with a lazy eye. John was happy to relate his own experience with eye issues and encourage the man that Jesus loves him & that he shouldn’t feel self-conscious about his appearance. The man added that he also has a stuttering issue. John took this opportunity to tell the man that Moses also has speech difficulties, yet God chose him to be a very significant prophet. This was new information to him. He seemed very uplifted and interested. We were happy to share that and bless his day.

Each of these people were joyful in speaking with us. I didn’t feel any sense of rejection. They were all very open. We went home feeling happy (especially with our first conversation where the man was excited about his faith) and compassionate (especially in John’s ability to relate to the employee’s eye condition).

Praised be Jesus Christ!