Somerville, NJ

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The following report comes to us from team leader Alpa with our Immaculate Conception parish team in Somerville, NJ:

We set up our table on Main Street and right away, even before we had started to pray our protection and evangelization prayers, someone took a rosary.

We spoke to a mother and daughter who were Catholic. The mom had not attended Mass for the last few months because she was sick, and the daughter didn’t feel comfortable attending Mass because her job involved working with live viruses. The mom asked for prayers for her daughter because of her lack of faith. We encouraged both of them to go to an early Sunday Mass where they could easily have plenty of distance around themselves, and how in church, many people do not exchange the sign of peace and how distribution of the Precious Blood remains suspended. Please pray for their return.

We spoke to a man who took two Miraculous Medals, one for himself and one for his wife. When we spoke a little bit more, he asked for prayers. He very much appreciated the prayers that we offered for him, and revealed some details about his past involving trauma from sexual abuse and parental alcoholism. We offered him some prayers for the freeing of generational curses as well as pamphlets about Catholicism (he was a Protestant and made lots of jokes about being able to go to God on his own and his personal relationship with Jesus) but he declined them all. In your charity, please pray for this man and all that he has suffered, and that he be healed by the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.

We spoke to a young woman whose parents were very devout Catholics, and she attends Sunday Mass regularly. When we asked her about Confession, she admitted that she doesn’t go regularly. We spoke to her about why we go to Confession regularly, and encouraged her to as well. She listened respectfully. Hopefully, with God’s prompting, she will go soon.

Praised be Jesus Christ!