Detroit, MI

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The following report comes to us from team leader Patti with our St. Leo’s Soup Kitchen team in Detroit, MI:

Good News! Patrons are now able to have lunch at the newly established St. Leo’s Soup Kitchen Tuesday-Friday. It is located at the Catholic Center for Works of Mercy in Detroit. It has so much available for the people in need: a food pantry, a very nice clothing area, and even a medical facility MALTA, for the uninsured that serves their dental, physical and mental health needs, beside a nice hot lunch! The cafeteria is smaller than before but very well-organized and appreciated. We have gone down there a few times now and the staff and patrons are always happy to see us. Of course we offer rosaries, medals, etc. but our offer of prayer is the most appreciated. We set aside a couple of chairs so that there is a little privacy when we pray. Even some of the staff like to come pray with us.

Whenever someone chooses a rosary, we ask if they know how to say it and we hand them a sheet with a simplified version of the prayers. We also have a sheet that shows them locations of nearby Catholic churches. Right now, there is only room for a couple of evangelists but when the weather is warmer, we can have more outside. Thanks to the guidance of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit for this beautiful, heartwarming and fulfilling experience!

Praised be Jesus Christ!