Warren, MI

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The following report comes to us from virtual evangelization school leader Adam in Warren, MI:

This evening, my class practiced healing prayer on each other so that they can know how to effectively pray for healing for people on the street. During this “practice” time, several of our students experienced substantial relief from pain and other positive effects!

The first instance was a healing of a student, “Laura”, who asked for prayer for her feet and ankles (usually stiff). When the prayer began, her feet started shaking, then her legs tightened, then her arms started shaking. When her prayer partner suggested she get up and walk, she did without any stiffness!

Another student, “Julie”, had a pain in her knuckle that had begun earlier in the day. It was a new pain for her. Julie thought it might be the beginning of arthritis, but she said it was quite annoying. Once the prayer started, she immediately felt tingling in the finger and it spread to the thumb and then went to the middle finger and a reduction in the pain. It went from painful to very, very slight.

A unique kind of healing occurred with “Ken”, where he struggled with discipline in several areas of his life. After the prayer was over, he felt a strong power of resolve that he could take from the session that would propel him in the right direction.

Praised be Jesus Christ!