Somerville, NJ

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The following report comes to us from team leader Alpa with our Immaculate Conception parish team in Somerville, NJ:

We spoke to a young man whose family were devout Catholics, but he said that he just didn’t believe in the afterlife and God. He said he had known many church going people who were hypocrites and while he was always respectful of them and their faith, it just wasn’t for him. We talked to him, proclaimed the Kerygma, and told him we would pray for him. He was a very wonderful young man. Lord, please open his heart to your love.

We spoke to another young man who was brought up Southern Baptist. He was very friendly and genuinely searching. We offered to pray for him, and he was willing. When prompted about what he would like us to pray with him about, he said “Openness”. We were very touched with that, and actually felt that was the best thing he could ask from God. We prayed with him, and gave him some information about the Catholic Church. And he thanked us. Lord, please continue to work in this young man’s heart, continue to have him seek your holy will for him in his life.

A young police officer approached our table and said that he used to be Catholic. He asked us to pray for his family, for his two children and his pregnant wife. St. Michael, please protect him and his family and lead them all back to you.

We also had a man walk by us saying he wasn’t interested. One of our evangelists knew him personally, and had known him for years. So, she was able to attempt to talk to him on a personal level. He still did not want to talk to us, but asked us to pray for him. Lord, you know what is in his heart, please comfort and console him and continue to work in his life.

Praised be Jesus Christ!