Laguna Beach, CA

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The following report comes to us from Kate in Orange, CA:

There were four of us out in Laguna Beach. Being present with Jesus and the Gospel in the secular world is key! Our experience was very interesting. At first, we had people rejecting rosaries, Miraculous Medals and prayer. Then the Lord sent a person to encourage us, thanking us for being there at the beach. The Lord’s grace was in play. Then a man named Matt strolled by and said “hello.” We asked to offer prayer and he came to us telling how he lives his life: he simply loves Jesus. But then, he informed us that in 13 days he would be sentenced to prison. Though he had given his heart to Jesus, it was apparent that he was also scared. We prayed for him and his daughter Molly who is currently in prison and for his faith to endure when he goes into prison. The Lord was moving powerfully!

Millie, a Catholic woman, came up to us with her daughter Lexie. The daughter said she knew nothing about God. The mom said she prays for Lexie when she’s sleeping. We offered prayer and gave them both Miraculous Medals. We realized as we prayed it was the Feast of Our Lourdes. We prayed for them, and both encountered the love of Jesus. The daughter was excited and had a spring in her step! Later, we had two sisters excited to receive rosaries. They received prayer for family members including a son battling alcoholism. They were very much moved by the prayer. It was beautiful to see the Lord encourage these women.

One of the most beautiful encounters was a little girl and her mother stroking by. Michelle asked, “Would you like a rosary? The mother asked her daughter “Do you want a rosary? The lady is asking you.” The young girl came over. Michelle showed her the rosary while Michelle taught the girl how to pray the rosary. Vivian talked to the mom. The mom said she wasn’t Catholic. What a grace to have someone be so open to let their daughter learn the rosary there at the park in Laguna Beach. It was beautiful to see the interaction of Michelle and the girl. How Our Lady of Lourdes must’ve been rejoicing with us!

Praised be Jesus Christ! In reflection, we saw how the Lord was bringing families and individuals, representing their families for healing prayer. This is what is at stake. Families are hurting, broken and sick. There are families all over the world in this state of disorder and are fragile. They need to know The Gospel to ask for faith and have hope in God. We’ll probably never know the impact of our prayers but we do know God is working and He is faithful!