Detroit, MI

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This report comes to us from Lexa evangelizing at St. Christine in Detroit, MI:

John and I reviewed the SPSE book, Ordinary Christians Extraordinary Signs before meeting Anne Harman at St. Christine’s soup kitchen to evangelize. One of the first people to walk by our table was a woman named Toni. She was walking with a cane, so John immediately asked her about it. We both sat down with her. We found out that she is a Christian evangelist who believes in the healing power of God. She had been experiencing long-term issues with Lupus, swelling in her hands, trouble breathing, and pain in her knee. We prayed for each of her symptoms. After several prayers, she said that the pain had decreased. She was teary throughout the whole prayer. She believed that healing would come, even if it didn’t come right at that moment! John noticed that she had a collection of prayer cards and offered her a holy card of Jesus. He explained that icons are like windows to Heaven. As she was walking out, I gave her a Miraculous Medal and card. I told her that this medal has become known for miracles. She was very happy to receive it.

Later, John and I sat down with a woman named Virginia at the soup kitchen. She was quiet and gave short answers to our small talk, but she was also very smiley. She said that she believed in God, but doesn’t currently attend church. She feels blessed to have one son and is thankful that she receives social security money for disability. John encouraged her that God is good and always provides! She wanted prayers for God to give her the strength to quit cigarettes. We prayed on the spot and promised to continue praying for her. She said, “It was good eating lunch with you. I hope I see you next time!”

Praised be Jesus Christ!