Orange County, CA

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The following report comes to us from an evangelist who took our BET course in Orange County, CA:

Just as we were leaving, I spotted a gentleman sitting by a nearby store. I asked him if he’d like a free Rosary. He said, “I’ll take it. But I’m Baptist.” I said, “do you want the Rosary and a pamphlet on how to pray it?” And he said “yes.” Then he asked, “if you stood before God today, are you going to tell him all the works you did to get into heaven?” I told him, “Sir, I don’t have to explain anything…He sees right through me. He sees my heart. There’s nothing I can say to Him that He doesn’t already know.” Then he said, “Yeah, but the Virgin Mary…” I said, “Sir, I’m guessing you love your mother? How much more would Jesus love His mother?” And he couldn’t answer my question so he changed the subject to works. I said, “James 2, ‘Faith without works is dead.’” Unfortunately, it was time to go and my team members were departing, so I said, “Sir, I’m so sorry I have to go. Here’s your pamphlet. Here’s your Rosary. Have a great day.” I realized there was no “winning” this argument, so it’s probably best it ended the way it did.

Praised be Jesus Christ!