Lansing, MI

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This report comes to us from online school student Maura in Lansing, MI:

I was at a thrift store with our SPSE team last Saturday morning and saw a woman with flowered bell bottom pants on. I often try to make a positive comment on something someone is wearing as a conversation starter. So I told her I liked her pants. She came over to the table and I saw that she had a necklace with the Jewish Star of David and a cross in its center. So I asked her if she was a Messianic Jew. I listened as she told her faith story. She was concerned about her family and tried to talk with them about Jesus, but they didn’t want to listen. She was estranged from her family because she believes in Jesus as the Son of God and her Lord and Savior. Her story and concerns led naturally into prayer. I asked if we could pray with her for her family’s salvation. I used the ACTS prayer model, but I need to practice more so that it sounds more natural. Afterwards she had some questions about how to talk with her family that I didn’t know the answers to. I said she should talk to the local priest, he would know the answers. We gave her information that our team leader had on slips of paper. It had the local church’s address, phone number, Mass times and priest’s name. I asked her what church she attended, and she shared that she was looking for a good one. I invited her to attend Mass sometime, saying she may recognize Jewish traditions in the Mass because Jesus instituted the Mass and was Jewish himself.

Praised be Jesus Christ!