Royal Oak, MI

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This report comes to us from evangelist Lexa in Royal Oak, MI:

In an effort to promote Saint Paul Street Evangelization at a Catholic conference, we set up an information table for attendees to ask questions and get involved! One lady asked me if we recommend getting the Miraculous Medals blessed. She felt concerned that handing out blessed sacramentals would risk irreverence from those who receive them, but don’t understand their value. What if they get tossed in the trash? I told her that it requires discernment. We want the sacramentals to be honored, but we also believe in the power and supernatural grace that comes from blessed medals. I told her that Mother Teresa and Saint Maximilian Kolbe loved to hand out Miraculous Medals because they believed that conversion could come simply from getting the medal into somebody’s hand! The lady was happy with my answer. She said, “thank you! You just gave me a nugget that I didn’t have.”

SO, we have faith in the power of the Miraculous Medal to bring conversion and miracles. And from the example of many Saints, we have this practice of distributing medals to those we encounter in our daily lives and on evangelization outings. Having your stash of medals blessed by a priest may be worth the leap of faith!

Praised be Jesus Christ!