Gettysburg, PA

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Connie with our team in Gettysburg, VA:

Our first outing at the St. Francis Xavier Christmas Bazaar in Gettysburg was amazing! Our advantages:

Our table was right inside the door as the people entered
Brochures had to be punched in order to enter a raffle which drew people to us
Announcements were made if prayer is needed to visit our table
We came with the intent to observe Becca, our team leader, because of her experience. Within minutes of arrival, a lady came up asking us to pray for her sister. Dan and I prayed with her and she cried the entire time. She was alone for the first time at the bazaar. Her mother (who died this past year and loved the bazaar) always came with her. She was very sad. About an hour later, I saw her from a distance with a smile on her face and a bag in hand. She immediately came over and showed me her purchase. I said it is good to see you smiling. She then left and came back a third time, now remembering that her parents got married at Annunciation church and asked for directions so she could come visit sometime. She then asked to exchange phone numbers so she could contact me and perhaps get together to have lunch.
Later, another person came and got the brochure stamped and didn’t say much. Sometime later, I saw her looking over at our table, and suddenly she approached me and said “Would you pray for me? I was just diagnosed yesterday with breast cancer”. Another shared with me “good news” that two years ago, her now 10 yr. old granddaughter was diagnosed with cancer and is now cancer free! And during those two years, she watched her daughter-in-law and how she handled things and realized she really knows God.

Dan encountered several non-Catholics as he was handing out rosaries. Some said “no”, however two actually took the rosaries and the brochure on how to say the rosary. Dan encountered a woman who asked for prayer for her sister who just lost her son. One lady took the Miraculous Medals and shared with me that her mother was Catholic. She shared with me that she listens every week to Dr. Schuller on TV. I then offered her the brochure on the reasons to return to the Catholic faith. She declined. Dan also encountered a man who said he has 10 Miraculous Medals that were touched by St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta! Four he gave to his children and the other six he still has. Another man came up to Dan and took one of the Miraculous Medals and held it up and said: “THIS WORKS!” Dan said, “yes, I know”, and showed him the one he was wearing. One woman told Dan that after her mother died she found her mom’s Miraculous Medal! Dan told the woman that the same thing happened to him. He found a very large Miraculous Medal and now keeps it near the picture of his mother.

Praised be Jesus Christ!