Gettysburg, PA

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Connie with our team in Gettysburg, PA:

After a long conversation with a woman, I asked if there was anything she would like me to pray for her. She gave a huge sigh and began saying, “I have a cyst on my arm and many other issues. Yes, please pray for me”. One of my friends from church stopped at our table to see what we were doing. My friend’s sister was with her who is having heart issues. As they walked away, her sister turned and said “Thank you for all you are doing”! My friend decided to take a Miraculous Medal out of the basket, and as she looked at the medal, she realized it was a medal of ST. JUDE! My friend was in awe and so were we (we didn’t know where that came
from)! It was the saint of the impossible. My friends’ three sisters are all going through almost impossible illnesses and she is their support. She held tightly to the medal as she walked away.
Parishioners from Annunciation (who we seldom get a chance to talk to) noticed us at the table and stopped. We explained why we were there and told them they would see us “greeting and welcoming” tomorrow at our parish in a new ministry called St. Barnabas. They said they will look for us tomorrow.

Several people wanted us to pray for their children who no longer go to church. One person had a serious question for Fr. Lyons. She asked, “will her husband know her when she gets to Heaven?” She was very emotional and began to cry, still missing him terribly. She stayed and talked for a while and seemed comforted as she walked away.

Overall, we all prayed with many people that day. Some came to us, and some we asked if they needed prayer. All were hurting in many different ways. TRULY….AN AMAZING DAY!

Praised be Jesus Christ!