Atlanta, GA

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This story comes from Lexa, visiting Clarence’s team in Atlanta, GA:

We got a group of evangelists to talk with students at KSU. As the videographer for SPSE, I spent most of my time collecting media of the evangelists in action. BUT, towards the end, everyone was busy when a young man, Matt, approached our table. He said, “Hey could I ask you something? How do you know that God is real? Did you always believe?” So I told him my personal story. And I talked to him about Eucharistic Miracles. Right as I was doing so, another evangelist handed me a pamphlet on Eucharistic Miracles to share with him. It was perfect. Matt had a background with Catholicism, and his sister is very active in her Catholic faith. However, he wished that God would reveal Himself to him because he was doubting. I encouraged Matt to seek & he will find! And I encouraged him that he was doing good in seeking because he was curious and approached our table with genuine questions. I prayed with him right there for God to reveal himself soon and explained how faith in God is like a marriage. God wants us to choose Him. He wouldn’t force Himself upon us, but He will always invite us to relationship with Him in preparation for Heaven, which is eternal relationship with Him.

Matt had some questions about why Hell exists. I told him, “Once I heard it explained that hell is locked from the inside. Because some people don’t choose a relationship with God through their actions, so they wouldn’t want to spend forever with Him. Just like how Satan was an angel first, who knew and saw that God was real, yet chose to be separated from Him.” He liked that answer and asked me this, “Well if I don’t choose God with my actions, I can say sorry and just keep doing it over and over.” I replied, “But is that something you would do in a marriage?” He laughed and said no, he would not do that to someone in a marriage. I think the marriage analogy helped him understand. And it aligns with how Jesus is described as the bridegroom of the Church. Matt left, but later returned to our table and sought me out. He said, “Hey Lexa, when is church?” I happily gave him information about the Catholic campus ministry events and Mass times. He said, “Will you pray for me?” I prayed once more on the spot, and promised to continue praying for him.

Praised be Jesus Christ!