Atlanta, GA

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This story comes from Lexa, visiting Clarence’s team in Atlanta, GA:

SPSE Team Leader Clarence Burkholder receives donated Catholic books from his parish. He offers them for free to college students on evangelization outings. Yesterday, we were out evangelizing on the KSU campus. A young man approached our table looking for a possible gift for Mother’s Day. I asked him, “Are you Christian? Is your mom Christian?” and he said, “No, she just likes to read.” So I asked, “What do you believe?” and he said that he likes to believe in a higher power, but he also believes mostly in science & wished he knew exactly how the world was created. I didn’t know how to explain the scientific Catholic answer for creation, so I told him this, “You remind me so much of my friend! His whole conversion story has to do with science and mathematics because he found perfect answers in the Catholic Church. Science and faith go together, they aren’t separate at all. I think you should look up the Catholic answer to your question.” And he said, “Yeah, I should look into that.” Then, I gave him an SPSE pamphlet on The Existence of God through Astrophysics and I told him, “Look! Astrophysics. This is science. Right up your alley!” Then we dug through the table of books to look for the perfect gift for his mom. I suggested Matthew Kelly’s book, Holy Moments because I own the book myself and the cover makes for a cute gift. Then, Clarence came over to us and we asked for his opinion. He picked up the same book! I told the young man that it must be meant to be! So he took the book, along with the Existence of God pamphlet and a Miraculous Medal. Clarence explained the medal and gave him a holy card to explain it further. We hope that both the young man and his mom explore the faith further from this encounter.

Praised be Jesus Christ!