Laguna Beach, CA

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The following report comes to us from Matt in Orange County, CA:

I had a great weekend with Alexander by Laguna Beach this past weekend! I got the opportunity to offer prayer with Alexander from the table offering rosaries, Miraculous Medals and prayer, and I also got the opportunity to go out and to offer prayer for people who were out and about walking in the park and on the beach. Here are a few stories!

There was a Hindu woman who came up to the table and was very interested in the rosaries. She took one and also took prayer. When I was praying over her, she said that “you know, we have all of these ‘gods’, but I know that God is One…”, and then she also said that she had visited the Holy Land many years ago, and had cried walking the path that Jesus walked to the Cross. A miracle!

Next I saw a couple walk by me. I felt God turn my head, and I realized they were a couple I had lived with for a year in Irvine when I had rented a house in Irvine whom I hadn’t seen in several years. They were walking so briskly by me, I started to jog, and then I remembered that most of the time it is us that are running away from God, and that it can be our turn sometimes to run after God and to pursue His Heart. I finally met up with them, and shared with them my conversion, and they told me they were believers and that they prayed to Christ. I discerned in prayer that God was asking to do more and share more about the fullness of His Church *the Catholic Church* after I left.

Finally, there was a couple that I prayed over from Eastern Europe, who didn’t speak very good English, but were very receptive to receiving prayer for their son, whom they said ‘did not feel safe’. I also enjoyed standing near the table for a period of time with Alexander and offering rosaries and prayer, as well as praying for two of our own Norma and Armando and their family. It was such a blessing, and we are looking forward to going out again! Blessings in Christ!

Praised be Jesus Christ!