South Bend, IN

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The following report comes to us from BET attendee Beth in South Bend, IN:

I wanted to share with you that I’ve already put into practice what I learned today. While at another parish tonight, I was in the bathroom when an older woman came in with six giant bouquets of flowers. I told her that they were all so beautiful and asked if she was “in charge” of putting flowers out before Mass. She said no, that she was a parishioner of that church and that, when she had the time and money, she’d buy flowers to put near the many statues of Mary in the church. I told her that I was blessed by her actions and how beautiful the flowers are and she then said to me how difficult life has been for her lately. She’s a caregiver of some kind and she’s very stressed out and isn’t sure how she’s going to “make it” to heaven. At that moment I told her my name and I asked if I could pray for her. She nearly shouted “YES!” and told me her name was Eve. She asked me to pray for her ability to leave her sinful life and for God to welcome her into heaven one day. I followed the ACTS prayer model and she cried as I prayed. I put my hand on her shoulder and she hugged me and kept saying “God bless you! God bless you!” Wow. I was and still am impressed by the power of the Holy Spirit today and always!

Praised be Jesus Christ!