Lansing, MI

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The following report comes to us from team leader David with our team in East Lansing, MI:

Tom and I went out yesterday, which was a heavenly day! We had beautiful weather and the presence of the Holy Spirit…it was just wonderful! The Cristo Rey festival is held by our Hispanic Parish here in Lansing, MI. They do this festival every year and have for many years. Promoting their culture and is a parish fundraiser.

We gave out at least 50+ rosaries and so many holy medals, after three hours we had
two chains left at the end. So many encounters and so many people who are looking for the Lord to be with them and help them.

Prayed over many people which included Andrew, a younger boy, about 11, wanting prayer that his family would go back to church. Dalila, prayer for patience from the Lord for where he has her in her life right now, her daughter, Sadie, took a Miraculous Medal. Phyliss, who was with her son, Michael and her daughter, Jessica, wanted the Lord’s protection over them. Carmin wanted prayer for her son’s safety as he traveled from Grand Rapids to the Festival.

Praised be Jesus Christ!