Lansing, MI

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The following report comes to us from team leader David with our team in East Lansing, MI:

Tom and I were so happy with how things went yesterday, from our encounters to the gorgeous weather. Here’s a few more of our encounters. Marie wanted prayer for her considering joining SPSE. Hope to see her soon! (I gave her our contacts.) Josie wanted prayer for her son who is in prison, that he might someday get out and to find and come to the Lord while he was in prison. Mary came up with a walker and took a rosary and asked for prayer for the pain in her back. We laid hands on her and prayed for her healing and that the pain would leave. She came back later and said her back felt better, less pain. Praise God! Millie was hesitant and you could tell she was suffering with some trial she was going through. She teared up, so we just prayed for her well being and know that Jesus is right there with her. Emily asked for prayer for her son’s conversion, to come into his life. Donna, who came up struggling from a joint disorder and how the drugs she was prescribed were not letting her sleep and making the pain worse. We laid hands on her for healing of her joints and that the Lord would let her sleep well. And Carter, a fine man, who didn’t want prayer for himself, but prayer for the whole world’s conversion, and that peace and love would reign over all things! Amen to that, it was powerful.

So many more encounters not mentioned here. God is good, all the time! All I have to say is thank you God for using me and Brother Tom for your purpose and Glory. To All the other teams across the nation, Go out and make disciples of the whole world!! Evangelize, listen to the call and mission!

Praised be Jesus Christ!