Gaithersburg, MD

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The following report comes to us from team leader Nancy with our team in Gaithersburg, MD:

“Nothing but charity will change the world.” This is a quote by St. Giuseppe Moscoti, Doctor to the Poor in the early 1900’s. Tom, David and I went out to the bus stop last Saturday. I am very grateful to have wonderful evangelists in our chapter who exhibit such love. Tom, who is also a physical therapist, works, along with his wife, at the Society of St. Vincent De Paul. He was able to give Terrance some guidance on a difficult living situation that he was in. I prayed with Terrance and asked God’s guidance and provision for him. He was very grateful for the support. David was also there to encourage people in the faith along with Tom who prayed with John who also was experiencing a difficult family situation. Please pray for both Terrance and John that God would comfort and provide for them.

I was disheartened to speak with someone who originally had been freed from his addiction to drugs but now was hooked again. He has experienced the goodness of God and I sensed that the pamphlet “The Last Things” would be good for him to have. I shared with him my past addictions and how God had freed me and encouraged him to cry out to God. I reminded him of how he was such a witness to so many young adults who were trapped in their addictions. He even had a blog that he wrote frequently that many followed. Please pray that Paul will cry out to God and choose to be free. May God continue to bless and protect our little chapter and Our Lady guide us.

Praised be Jesus Christ!