Rochester, MN

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The following report comes to us from team leader Deb with our team in Owatonna, MN:

Our teams go out to the Peace Plaza outside the Mayo Clinic twice a month from Spring to Fall. As usual, the outings this month were filled with graces and blessings. We were able to pray with many, many people during our time on the street. On one of the earlier days in the month we were out, we were blessed to have many evangelists, including one of our local priests. Laurie and Madonna spent quite a bit of time praying for a man in a wheelchair with many needs. Father Michael stopped over to talk with a group of young people that were at Mayo for leadership training. One woman, her daughter, son in law, and grandchild from another state stopped to talk with us and receive medals and rosaries. She shared with us that she had multiple health conditions. The whole family was Catholic, and we talked about our faith for a bit and where they went to church. She said it was hard for her to get to mass with her health issues. Fr. Michael asked her if she would like to receive the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick and she was so happy to have the opportunity. Fr. Michael was able to administer her the sacrament right on the spot. She and her family were very grateful and touched. It was beautiful to witness.

Today we prayed with so many people, there were times that had a line formed. The Holy Spirit was present in such an evident way. Often, we have multiple evangelists, but today it was just two, Tom and me. We prayed for several employees from Mayo Clinic who had needs that they shared. A woman who was an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion who brought Communion to one of the hospitals in town stopped to talk to us. She was grateful we were there, and we were able to give her blessed medals and rosaries to bring with her when she brought Communion. We asked if she needed prayer for anything and she shared that she would like prayers for her husband to grow closer to Jesus. One man, who is wheelchair bound and often there on days we come, asked for prayer for his brother who is suffering from addiction. We showed him the ibelieve site on our SPSE card with more information and he said he would check it out. Right after that we prayed for a mother with three grown sons that suffered from addiction. We prayed that the Lord would heal the brokenness in them and when they were healed they would be able to witness to those in the chain of addiction to help lead them also to healing.

Praised be Jesus Christ!