Liberty, MO

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The following report is a continuation from part one, which comes to us from team leader John with our team in Liberty, MO:
We prayed for Angela who was on crutches and recovering from a recent knee surgery to repair ligaments in her knee. Next, three heavily tattooed people (one older gentleman in a wheelchair, an older woman, and a younger man) stopped and gratefully accepted some cold bottles of water. I offered them Miraculous Medals, and the men accepted, but the woman said she already had one that was her mother’s and it was over 40 years old. I asked if they were Catholic and they said they were Christian but her late mother was Catholic. I complimented the younger gentleman on his tattoos, most of which were Bible verses. Just goes to show that you have to be careful not to judge books by their covers. They thanked us for the water and parted with a sincere “God Bless.”

We had many local and visiting Catholics stop by as well and they were somewhat surprised, but very complimentary on our efforts and presence. I was very proud of our new evangelists, in particular, Nancy was very good with handing out the $1 Billion Dollar Bills to many of the kids. Most of the people we encountered accepted some water, a gift, exchanged some pleasantries, and then kept walking. But the few who did stop to chat were very friendly and engaging. One notable exception was an elderly lady who divulged that she is a long time fallen away Catholic that refuses to come back to the Catholic Church. I asked her why, and she said “because of all the child abuse” and stormed away in a huff. We will pray for her and hope the Lord softens her heart.

All in all, it was a great day and a great experience. We will definitely do more of these events in the future. We will discuss returning to the same location regularly with the hope of becoming a more familiar presence in our community. We are one of the first St. Paul Street Evangelization teams to start in the Kansas City area. We hope the idea spreads and we see more! Please for us, and we will pray for you. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, and all praise be to God.

Praised be Jesus Christ!