Liberty, MO

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The following report comes to us from team leader John with our team in Liberty, MO:

Greetings from Liberty, MO! Team Liberty set up camp again for a couple of hours at the same sidewalk location near the Farmer’s Market two weeks after our first event. Hopefully frequency will breed familiarity with the community. Mark Twain’s statue loomed over our table display again as we chatted with many passers by for a couple of hours on a nice Saturday morning. Hermann, Nancy, Tom, and John engaged a number of people, and even a couple of pooches at one point, during our evangelization efforts. The foot traffic was a bit lighter this outing, but we still had a few quality engagements.

George was a nice gentleman that we enticed over to us with a bottle of cold water and a Miraculous Medal. He was wearing a bright green safety vest and I originally thought he was a security worker. However, it turns out that he apparently has some mental illness challenges and is under the care of County guardianship. We are still not sure exactly what that means, but he was very cordial and seemed excited to talk and accept some materials about the Gospel. George said he has a Bible at home and is now interested in reading it and learning more about Jesus. He parted ways with us and continued on with his walk, but then stopped by again later to talk more and he accepted a rosary and a couple of books, one about Our Lady of Fatima. We pray that he is inspired by the Holy Spirit and he continues to find healing and the mental care he needs.

A couple of ladies parked nearby and unloaded a couple of beautiful golden retriever service dogs. That was the perfect opportunity to engage them and their friendly, furry companions. The ladies were Christian and we asked if they had any questions about the Catholic Faith. They accepted a couple of Miraculous Medals and I mentioned that if they wear them and pray they may receive wonderful graces. I mentioned that many miracles have been attributed to people who have worn them. They politely thanked us for being there and continued on their way.

A group of four or five young adults, men and women, walked by and we offered them bottles of water and Miraculous Medals. A few of them politely accepted, and one of the young ladies said that she already had one at home. I asked her if she was Catholic, and she said she was raised Catholic but hasn’t been to church for a long time. I said that the great news is that she will always be Catholic and God is just waiting for her to return to Him with open arms. I handed her a Confession tract and a brochure for our Catholic church in Liberty and encouraged her to return. We pray that the Lord leads her back to the Faith.

Praised be Jesus Christ!