Boise, ID

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This is the first in a two-part story from team leader Lucy in Boise, ID:

A young-adult man stopped who was unsure if he was still a Christian, since he was too busy to go to church or even to think about God. Yet, he didn’t consider himself an unbeliever. The more he thought it through, as he talked, the more he acknowledged his need to be more intentional about where the truth lay. Chuck agreed that it was the most important thing in life, and presented the Rosary as a means to explore who God is, and how He did not just speak words of love, but showed us His love in action, and that our only appropriate response also goes beyond mere words to life-changing actions on our part. He nodded his assent, seemed thoughtful, and promised to “look into it” as he left. Open his mind and heart, Lord, that the Holy Spirit may work conviction and faith in his soul.

“Uwe” went by (whom we’ve referred to over the years as “the angry atheist”, then “the amiable agnostic”, and most recently, as “the dabbling deist”). Seemingly now having stalled in his journey of faith, this time he again only talked about the weather. He had thought we were closing up extra early, but actually we had just arrived and were beginning to set up. Lord, we continue to beg You for Uwe’s full conversion and salvation.

A teen dropped back from his group to get a free Rosary. He identified as a member of a pseudo-Christian religion, but seemed irreverent in general. Blessed Mother, please call him to pray that Rosary he received and discover your Son. A man stopped to talk with Chuck. He, too, had been raised in the pseudo-Christian religion by his mother, although his father’s side of the family was Catholic. He had since turned away from his mother’s faith. Lord, may he turn toward You!

Our presence continues to proclaim the unchanging reality of Jesus Christ (cf. Heb 13:8) to people whose reactions range from hot, cold, to indifferent. So thank you again so much for your prayers and other support for this apostolate. In turn, may God protect and greatly bless you and all those you love!