Hanover, PA

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This report comes from Connie and Dan with the Adams Deanery SPSE team in Hanover, PA:

My husband and I began the day with our holy hour before the Blessed Sacrament.

The Snacktown Street Fair was our biggest outing. This was a huge town event and thousands would be there. Becca arrived with the tent and by 11:00 am, we had eight team members ready to evangelize! And once again I said: “God, you are so good”! I was now ready for the day! Little did I know that I would hear someone say to me “God whispered to me” and that I would see the eyes of Jesus!

Becca and Dan were out on the street and Father and I were behind the table. A woman approached Dan and said, “This is my story…..I was raised Catholic however I stopped practicing, got married to a Baptist, and became Baptist. Can I come back?” Dan said, “Yes, you can come back! Go see Father.” Father then spoke to her about our RCIA program and invited her to join us. I then went over and introduced myself as a member of the RCIA team.

The woman then began to share more of her story with me. She began, “God whispered to me, I believe He is calling me back!” She said “I had a friend pass away recently and I attended his Catholic funeral. I was asked to do one of the readings and I was so moved. It made me think of my grandmother who was a devout Catholic.” And then she said, “That night, I felt I heard God speaking to me to come back”. She ended with “You know…I believe God and my grandmother want me to return to the Catholic faith.”

Dan was offering one of the medals from our table to a couple who had stopped. The man said, “Do you have St. Peregrine medal?” Dan began to say “no”….however the day before I was going thru a small bag of medals recently given to us and I found St. Peregrine. I did not have them out on the table at the time….but knew they were in my box. I quickly found the medal and gave it to Dan. He placed it on a chain and gave it to the man. His name was Ron. He immediately began to cry. I asked to pray with him. As we finished and tears streamed from his bloodshot eyes, he said “My wife died a year ago and I was just diagnosed with throat cancer.” My eyes were then fixed on his. And I remembered the prayer from the morning….”Let us fix our gaze on the Blood of Christ”! I was looking right into the eyes of the Precious Blood of Jesus!

With these two experiences alone… I can’t help but “proclaim it to the housetops!”