Galveston, TX

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The following report comes to us from team leader Janet with our team in Galveston, TX:

We were blessed with a “God moment” when fellow evangelists and I met at a local restaurant for lunch. In fact, there were blessings abound! Firstly, I received a box of twenty-four books given to me at lunch for evangelization purposes from this dear friend and fellow evangelist. We said grace before eating and we had a lovely lunch brought to us by our waiter, Fabian, who was very attentive to us in checking in to see if we needed anything and if the food met our expectations, which it did. When we finished up and were preparing to leave, we had a conversation with Fabian who told us that he is in college, stressed about upcoming finals, helping his brother with a marketing project and working at the restaurant. I had noticed that Fabian was wearing a cross around his neck and I asked him if we could pray with him right then and there for his needs. He agreed and all of us held hands around the table and I led in prayer asking that Jesus would lead him, guide him, protect him and help him in his present needs. Afterwards, Fabian was clearly moved and said that “he felt that” and that he had had a recent conversion to believing in Jesus which is why he wore the cross. I asked him if we could give him one of the books and he agreed and so I inscribed it with a message of hope that God would lead him on the path that he was to follow with all hope, faith and trust in God in all his future endeavors. He was clearly moved by what we were doing and he gladly took the book, “Holy Moments” by author Matthew Kelly.

Not being familiar with this particular book, when I arrived home, I started reading it and what I read on page eight moved my heart to joy in knowing that God had intended for us to be there that day and He intended for us to be waited on by Fabian out of all the other waiters. Also, the name, Fabian, is not a common name so that makes what happened even more remarkable. That page that I read in this story was about “Brother Fabian!” Fabian’s name was in this book! I wonder what our new friend, Fabian, thought when he read his own name and I marvel at how God used this every day circumstance for these remarkable holy moments we experienced. All glory to God and to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who moved us to pray for Fabian and to give him this book. May God lead Fabian forward in doing His Will in all that He has planned for his life. It was truly a Holy Moment!

Praised be Jesus Christ!