Boise, ID

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This report comes to us from team leader Lucy with our team in Boise, ID:

God calls all to Himself. No living human being is too far away for God’s grace, and we keep going out to seek them.
A grinning man, on a black, fat-tired, electric bike, zoomed to the table to select a Rosary. He didn’t say anything at first, but kept smiling as the evangelist explained the Rosary prayer. The man finally explained that he was a member of a non-Christian world religion, but that he loved Jesus and his holy book told him that he should love Jesus more than his own parents. So, the evangelist encouraged him to love Jesus by actually praying the Rosary. Still smiling, the man rode away. Please pray that his love will turn to faith and trust in Christ.

A familiar, slow-moving, older man stopped. He smiled and said, “Life is all about doing what you can.” Chuck gently responded, “It’s all about Jesus.” The man replied, “Sometimes,” and moved on. Lord, grant him healing and salvation!

“Justin” walked by at his usual time, dropping a sarcastic statement as he moved on. It is clear that he just wants to be provocative and insulting. Maybe he is hoping we become enraged, insulted, shocked, or discouraged. Pray that the evangelists don’t give in to such temptations, since that would only cement the separation he sees between us. Our hope is that he becomes a man of faith, hope, and charity. Please pray that his heart is softened so he can make that journey to unity with God and His Church.

”Paul”, wearing a festive red bow tie, stopped and introduced himself as belonging to the Knights of Columbus at James’ parish. He accepted a Rosary and its pamphlet as he awaited his family’s arrival for an outing at the business park’s free ice-skating rink.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Please pray for God to send people to this team with hearts prepared to perceive their need for Our Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and that much good fruit for His Kingdom comes from their efforts.