Detroit, MI

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The following report comes to us from team leader Patti with our St. Leo’s Soup Kitchen team in Detroit, MI:

A few of our team members went down for our annual Christmas Celebration around mid-December. Each year we bring each client a bag filled with a few useful items. This year we packed over 100 bags filled with a nice, warm scarf, hand warmers, a Christmas prayer card, a small pad with a cross on it and a pen with a bible verse and ,of course, a candy cane! Our parish, St. Therese of Lisieux, is very generous with donations to these client bags of goodies and we are most appreciative! Our parishioners also donated many gift cards to be used at St. Leos and Malta, the dental clinic above the soup kitchen.

In addition, we gave out our usual rosary, medals, etc. Many people were eager for prayer. One gal spoke tearfully of the verbal abuse she was experiencing from her boyfriend. We assured her that God loved her and was there for her. She was given a list of nearby Catholic churches and encouraged to walk into one…Jesus was waiting. She agreed to go. We also took her to the front desk where she could set a time to speak to someone about her abusive problem. She eagerly took a rosary and a medal and gave many thanks. We hope to follow up with the next time we come down. Thank you Jesus. Among many others who stopped to pray, another lady, living on the streets, came in with all of her belongings, in a couple of bags. She asked for a second scarf to help keep her warm and of course was given another one. She was also given a list of churches that perhaps could help her find a place to stay. She was given a Miraculous Medal and was tearfully thankful and said she had heard about these medals and wanted one all her life! We will continue to pray for all of these folks and we thank the Holy Spirit for helping us to bring the “right” words to us as we carry on the wonderful mission of SPSE!

There’s also a beautiful, new painting hung at the soup kitchen. It has three panels.

Praised be Jesus Christ!