Columbus, OH

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The following report comes to us from Gabriel with our team in Columbus, OH:

While leading an evangelization at Columbus State Community College, we had many good conversations with the students there. The Holy Spirit was working and bringing young adults to our table with questions about the Catholic faith. Here are a few stories of our encounters:

One girl was interested in Catholicism and stayed to talk for a while.

Another student was Protestant with questions about the intercession of the saints. She showed great interest in the biblical, historical, and miraculous evidence we gave and took information.

We met a girl who doesn’t go to church. She took a Gospel of Luke and was so excited for us to pray for her.

A Christian without a Bible of her own took one.

Lastly, a young man who struggles to identify himself as a Catholic because of concerns with beliefs talked to us for some time and took a rosary.

Please say a Hail Mary, praying that Our Lady will lead all these souls to her Son!

Praised be Jesus Christ!