Philadelphia, PA

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The following report comes to us from Dcn. Mark with our team in Lower Bucks County, PA:

Dcn. Mark and Nancy went out on Saturday to Suburban Station, and while it didn’t seem as busy as a couple of weeks ago, we had some good conversations about the Catholic faith, prayed with several people, and gave out many blessed medals and rosaries.

A man named David stopped to talk with the evangelists about the Catholic faith. He was very knowledgeable in the Bible and had great faith. He spoke with Nancy, asking for prayers for resources for his planned project to house the homeless, and he asked Nancy about her intentions for prayer. When Nancy mentioned some concerns about stability of employment for one of her adult children, David shared his email along with some suggested jobs he might have. It was an incredibly kind gesture! David noted that he had been a Roman Catholic but he questioned the need for going to confession and wondered why we don’t just go “straight to God” with repentance and prayers. The team discussed how it’s a merciful act for the priest to be in persona Christi in confession and what a wonderful experience it is to do what God asks and confess our sins to one another as the letter of James instructs. He seemed like he might think about this more.

A woman named Pam saw the team from a distance and excitedly came over. She exclaimed that she knew that she saw the prayer station and team there because God was at work. Pam asked us to pray for her employment. She had been let go from a job that she loved because she had been late to a work meeting. Pam had filed a grievance, and having been out of work a few weeks, she noted that she only has resources to last a couple more weeks and truly needs the workplace to bring her back. Her job is cleaning at the station and Pam explained how much she loves to clean and that the job is good and that she takes great care to clean things that others miss. Pam asked “who else in this world wants this job so badly because they wish to make it clean for everyone?” Deacon Mark and Nancy noted that probably nobody in Philadelphia did! Dear Lord please have mercy on Pam and bless her with work that she loves and provide the resources she needs for her life.

Please consider praying for the following people and their intentions:

Matt – for his dad Dave and his sister Jen, Jaffar – for his well being, Hezekiah – for his health, Adreese – to find a home, Terrant – for his health, for his family, for safety and for resources, Chackary – for his well being and for his friends, David – for the resources to come through for his homeless housing development project, Jeannette – general intention, Pam – to get her job back or a better new job, and Charmaine – for his health and well-being.

Praised be Jesus Christ!