Galveston, TX

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The following report comes to us from team leader Janet with our team in Galveston, TX:

I sat with Virgie after Mass on Sunday morning before the tabernacle to pray for her. She has mobility issues and walks with a cane. I asked her what she would like prayer for and it was for the pain to be relieved and complete healing after her upcoming surgery. I wear a rosary bracelet (rosalet) that is a third class relic having been touched to the actual relic of the True Cross found by St. Helena who had enshrined the relics after finding the True Cross that Jesus died on while on pilgrimage to the Holy Land in A.D. 326. She had divided the relics for veneration and in 1936, my parish became one of the few for which the splinters of the wood of the Cross are enshrined. So, I laid the rosalet on her foot that was painful and began prayers of healing for relief of her pain and for a successful upcoming surgery. I had asked Virgie to let me know if she felt physical changes while in prayer or afterwards. She told me that she felt a pinch in the foot at the moment the rosalet was removed. I gave her a card with healing prayers that she can pray at home along with Epiphany water that she can apply to the painful areas. I will find out next week if she has experienced any improvement to the pain that she was experiencing. It is truly special to pray for healing before the tabernacle and with the very special sacramentals that can be used by our Lord for His purposes. May God bless, Virgie, and through her hope in Him may the pain subside and the surgery be successful.

Praised be Jesus Christ!