Livonia, MI

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This report comes from team leader Mark with our Eastern Market SPSE team in Detroit, MI:

I’ve been doing more ministry and (pre)evangelization at my gym in the last few months. Now I’ve made a habit of bringing some evangelization supplies and sacramentals in my gym bag. I also talk to a fair number of devout Catholics, encouraging them to start evangelizing.

I was leaving the gym one morning when I found a brown scapular on the sidewalk outside. I picked it up, went to the front desk, and asked the receptionist if they had lost-and-found. The elderly woman at the desk immediately recognized the scapular and exclaimed “Oh, you don’t want to lose that!” I figured that she knew the sacred nature of the object and I trusted that she would respect it. A few weeks later, I saw the same woman at the front desk and I noticed an olive wood rosary next to her on the desk. I complimented on the beautiful rosary and said that I have a couple very similar to them. I had an About SPSE pamphlet in my bag and gave it to her, explaining that I work with a Catholic ministry that gives away Rosaries and encourages people to pray. She gladly accepted the pamphlet and said she would pray for me.

I returned to the gym this Saturday; I wore a t-shirt from the Capuchin Franciscans when another man commented on my shirt. He has a lot of experience with the Capuchins, including Blessed Solanus Casey. He pulled out his phone and showed me his testimony video that he recorded with the Capuchins last year. I was impressed and gave Joe an About SPSE pamphlet, telling him that we do street evangelization. He seemed hesitant to go out on the street but open to the idea of evangelization in broad terms.

Praised be Jesus Christ!