Rochester Hills, MI

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This report comes from team leader Beth with the National Team in Warren, MI:

After playing some pickleball at our local gym, I’m walking out when I noticed two gentlemen talking quite loudly at the desk and overheard them say something about Mother Teresa. As I walk by, one gentleman, Louis, sees my Miraculous Medal and asks, “What is that medal you’re wearing?” I explain a little bit about it, and he asks me to step outside so we can talk. Louis tells me he’s a “recovering Catholic” He used to be an altar-boy but he doesn’t go to church anymore. He still believes, and he still prays but just not at church. It’s a very common story. We continue to talk, and it’s clear that something is going on in Louis’s spiritual life. I invite him back to Mass and remind him of the Eucharist. He recognizes that God put this church in his path for a reason. We then talk a little bit about Spiritual warfare. I give him my Miraculous Medal and Saint Benedict crucifix. He puts it on and we say the normal prayers: “Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us to have recourse to thee” and “Begone Satan, all you offer is lies, drink your own poison.” He is visibly impacted by these prayers in this conversation. Again, I don’t know what was going on in his life before we talked. But he finally said to me, “That’s it, that’s it, I can’t take anymore of this you’ve given me enough” So I respect his wishes and finish with a Hail Mary.

Praised be Jesus Christ!