Port Canaveral, FL

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This report comes from team leader Beth with the National Team in Warren, MI:

I met a couple on the beach one day named Theresa and Jeff. They were Reformed Baptists. We had a beautiful conversation about our shared faith, and our love for Jesus and scripture. We also shared some stories of our lives as grandparents and some of the struggles that are going on in the world today. It’s beautiful to meet people and talk about life when you have a common, solid foundation in Jesus Christ. The conversation turns to religion and I tell them I don’t know much about the different Protestant denominations. So we go through a few things, and it turns out they are what’s called Reformed Baptist. That means they’re like all other Baptists but they wanna go back to the beginning. To them that means back to the Reformation. I thought that was kind of interesting…they recognized that there have been so many splits since the reformation, that what some people call Christianity now is ridiculous. “We’re close to Christianity”, they said…I think they used the term liberal. But I thought it was interesting that they didn’t wanna go back to the beginning to Jesus Christ and to the first church. They just wanted to go back to the reformation. Our conversation was cut short, because there was a rocket launch. But I let it ride and I’m hoping to finish the conversation with them.

Praised be Jesus Christ!