Cambridge, MA

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This report is a continuation of yesterday’s story and comes to us from team leader Marissa with our team in Cambridge, MA:

Another entertaining encounter came when a woman, whom I’d seen pass by on the street up above, passed us by yet again underground and doubled back, asking one of our evangelists what group we were with. He replied that we’re Catholic. She said she’d never seen Catholics doing this before, and continued on her way.

We had a more serious encounter in the T station as well. We spoke to a man who expressed to us that he was not sure he was on the right path. We prayed with him, for him to know that God is with him right now, guiding him on his way. We prayed that he would know God’s love and mercy. Something cool that happened was that as we started praying, he reached out to hold our hands. After we finished praying, we gave him a Miraculous Medal, in addition to the rosary and pamphlet we’d already given him. I kind of wish I’d presented the kerygma to him – it felt apt at a certain point, but I didn’t do it. I can’t beat myself up about it too much, though! Next time! Jesus and Mary will work it out for him, I’m sure!

After about a half hour in the T station, we concluded our time evangelizing, and some of us went out to eat together and debrief on our experiences.

This first outing was an incredibly invigorating experience. I can’t wait to go out again! Something I found striking was how beautifully our team came together as the Body of Christ, each using his/her unique charisms, talents, and dispositions to make for a fruitful outing. We could not have done individually what we were able to do collectively. And we could not have done anything at all without the Holy Spirit. It was all very humbling in the best way possible. While the call to evangelize sounds daunting at first, it’s a lot less stressful when you remember that the Holy Spirit is doing all the work!

Praised be Jesus Christ!