Dothan, AL

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This report comes to us from team leader Aileen with our St. Columba parish team in Dothan, AL:

Our St Paul Street Evangelization team went out on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord to hand out rosaries, snack bags, and water to the homeless at the park on Lena St. Accompanying us was Carol, a Protestant, who is working on her masters in education and school counseling at Liberty University. For her multicultural immersion project she chose Catholicism and asked if she could join us on one of our evangelization projects. She chose Catholicism because her son became Catholic. We hope that through this experience, she may be drawn closer to her true home, the Catholic Church!

While we were in the park, we prayed the 1st Luminous mystery, The Baptism of the Lord, using scripture before each Hail Mary. Thank you also to Janice, Aileen, and Donna for participating.

Praised be Jesus Christ!