Pontiac, MI

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The following report comes to us from team leader Daniel with our Waterford/St. Benedict team:

Carol and I recently ministered at Matchan Soup Kitchen. We prayed for people with health issues including stomach problems, arthritis, other pain issues, financial problems, housing issues, and family issues. One experience stands out. I had the wonderful opportunity to pray with a young man who had been incarcerated. He was really depressed. He said his mother didn’t love him anymore, his grandma didn’t love him anymore, and he had recently lost an uncle and a cousin with whom he had been very close. In addition, while in prison, he had gotten involved in a false religion that worshiped a god other than the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I prayed for God to heal his broken heart. Then I asked if he would like to pray with me to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He said yes. So I lead him in a prayer repenting of his sins and his involvement in a false religion. He renounced false gods and prayed for Jesus to come into his heart, to give him the gift of eternal life and the gift of the Holy Spirit. He promised to try from that day forward to live in accordance with God’s will as set forth in the Bible. When we finished praying his entire countenance changed. He was filled with the Joy of the Lord. He hugged me and went on his way, a changed person. Thanks be to God!